Thank you Frankie Dean

 Had Frankie Dean visit the orchard yesterday wearing his limited edition phantom planters T-shirt!

Frankie has been one of my best and most engaging supporters for many years now. I'm sure many of you have seen his very funny comments! The page wouldn't be the same without him..

Frankie brought me up loads of gifts with one very thoughtful one which is an alphabet stamp set which I use for making up name tags for the trees. 

The ones I've been using dont come in a box like he's got me with a section for each letter. This will make doing this a whole lot faster when making the name tags and these ones are far better quality than the ones I've been using also. The ones I have are starting to wear away so these couldn't have came at a better time, he also added some of his own unique artwork on the box too.

Frankie got to see a memorial apple tree I phantom planted in memory of his dad a few months which is doing really well and he got to pick loads of the Buddhist blessed raspberries we have at the orchard.

For anyone looking to get some nice juicy raspberries get down to The Phantom Planters HQ aka Belvoir memorial orchard now and help yourself. There are loads of them for everyone! 

Its amazing how phantom planting and doing good deeds has transformed my life. Growing up in the business underworld when people give you gifts its a butter up, secretly they are wanting something in return and with many looking to rob you! Which I've had my fair share of being robbed and I've did a lot of robbing too!

I dont know how many times you hear in the business world that this person is such a great friend, its only because there is dealings going on between them, take money out of the equation and there will no longer be this false friendship. "No friends in Business" is what my Delboy dad always told me. He was so right!

Its a lonely place the Business world, deep down you know you are in a shark pool and at anytime once you start to loose your status or reputation you'll get ate up and spat out by people who you thought was friends.

And then the VAT man comes after you, the tax man, the rates people, trading standards and the many other government bodies that come in on top of you when you start to go downhill.

In my case these people where the least of my worries. I had some serious wolves hounding after me.

Its all a bit of a head melt really. maybe other people have had a better experience than me aiming for king rat on the monopoly board but I ended up rotted and polluted inside and out.

Now through phantom planting trees, following and experiencing the Buddhas teachings people like Frankie come into my life and give me gifts in true kindness. No one is looking to get one over on me. When we all meet up and plant trees its like what they call in Buddhism my Sangha, my spiritual family. 

To be surrounded with genuine love of friends is a feeling you'll never get in any underworld or monopoly board!

Thank you Frankie for everything man!

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