Thank you guys...

 Really appreciate all of you thats been supporting me through Patreon, Paypal, Buy me a coffee and buying mattresses from me at Buddha Beds. I cant thank you all enough!

I put a lot of effort into phantom planting and keeping my social media pages updated, trying my best to put out good positive content in the hope we can all plant trees and respect nature more. Your contributions help me carry on doing this work.

Its been working too, in our group The Phantom Planters there is over 50k members from people all over the world sharing their phantom plantings!

I get messages all the time from first time planters saying thank you so much you've inspired me to phantom plant my first tree.

It's been an unbelievable journey for me watching all this happen.

By helping nature I've been helping myself, its been a sort of symbiotic healing process for me. I'm doing stuff these day I could never have done at 18, I'm fitter, stronger and more happier than I've ever been.

All my prayers and affirmations are about healing nature and healing me and so this then manifests out into the world with actions.

Prayers, affirmations and visualizations are very powerful. We are all becoming what we are applying our thoughts and time too.

I always said it took me years of practice to drink 10 pints, smoke 30 cigs and snort a few hundred quids worth of peas and barley. This all didnt happen overnight. It took years developing these habits!

Observe your thoughts and what you visualise, we are all becoming them. I listen to guys out there who are into football, they know everything about everything to do with football, they've practically a PHD in the game because thats all they think about and do. Can you imagine how some peoples lives might be if the same energy and enthusiasm was put into other things?

The Buddha says in the opening chapter of the Dhammapada

"We are what we think, all that we are arises from our thoughts, with our thoughts we make our world"...

For the past 7 years I'd say I've been really making an effort to think and act in a more positive way, Phantom planting trees is my positive action. We have taken away all the trees and for me deep down I'm doing my bit in giving them back and trying to get all of you to give back too.

In return I feel mother nature has helped me along in my own healing process. Leaving behind a life of poison and bringing me to a life of soul.

Most days I say a prayer,

"Father of creation, mother of nature,

I'm truly grateful for the body you have given me,

may I nourish it, respect it and always look after it,

so I can be the best I can be and benefit this world and everything in it"...

I say lots of my own prayers daily, they are very powerful and keep me on track.

Hope you enjoy guys, have a great Sunday. This is my karma yoga day at the orchard. Karma yoga is prayer in action. 


Peace and love 

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree!


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