The Phantom Gift Giver!

It was this day 4 years ago I was working away at the phantom planters HQ, came back to my van and this t-shirt was stuck in my van wing mirror with a note saying "I like your style".

Still don't know to this day who the phantom gift giver is, probably pass them every day chatting away

This was the start of many gifts that I was about to be given but this one really got me thinking about creating good karma and positive ripples, that it really does work. . Karma means action and action creates Re-Action. 

I say to people all the time why I believe so much in the Buddhist Dhammapada - The Path of Truth.
It tells you all in this book how your thoughts, actions and intentions create your life. When I first read this book It made perfect sense to me. 
I was just at the end of a lifetime time living in darkness.. being greedy, selfish, wanted millions, had no regard for peoples feelings in how I got the money.
Also had no regard for the damge I was doing to myself in my pursuit for this so called success. Business is business is what they say. Like its acceptable to be immoral in business. I Had no real friends either, money was my only friend. 

But living in these dark negative states of being and then reading the Dhammapada something happened to me after reading that book. It made me see that how I was living brought about my own downfall and misery. A never ending rollercoaster of ripening negative karma was manifesting daily in my life. 
I thought it was never going to end at times. 
I could see it was me that created it all. 
If my thoughts, actions and intentions can create all that darkness, well they can be used fo create light. 

I used to look over my shoulder worrying about being robbed or for the police. Now I look over my shoulder and people are giving me gifts, smiles and kind words. 

When you know and experience these types of hell realms that they talk about in Buddhist cosmology you then begin the see that these heavenly realms also exist too. 
How we interact with the world around us determines what realms the soul floats in and out off. 

Heaven and hell is right here. Its a state of mind. 

Keep putting them positive ripples out there guys., planting trees is a good start. Use your soul for doing good, do as much of it as you can. Set time aside and just do it. You may not change the world but you can change your world. 

#phantomplanter #communityspirit 

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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