The Yin and Yang of trees

 The Yin and Yang of trees!

This is a pic from 4 years ago phantom planting a juniper and a yew tree next to each other at our arboretum section in the phantom planters HQ.

Both these trees are said to be the only conifers in the world that produce a berry. The yew berry will kill you and the juniper berry will heal you.

Its also believed by some that if you take both berries together the juniper will counteract the effects of the yew berry, that the juniper is the antidote for the yew. Please never try this guys, NOT RECOMMENDED!!!

This is not a native juniper in the pic though, our native junipers grow on cliff edges and mountains and are best seen in Donegal. Our varieties here are a prostrating type that creep along the rocks and cliffs. Also known as the mountain yew.

These 2 trees are thriving at the phantom planters HQ. I would have loved to plant our native juniper but it wouldn't have survived, its too wet for our natives at the orchard.

Both these trees are said to live for thousands of years with some saying they are immortal.

There is so much mysticism surrounding these 2 trees. What I find very strange is if you read back into all our ancient cultures, from the Druids here in the Emerald Isle, to the Native American and all the way up to the Land of Snows in Tibet. 

The juniper has the same deep spiritual meaning, that it wards off evil.

I've read many of the same ancient mystical stories about natures uses that all have the same meaning from all corners of the world.

I believe its when we fully connect into nature we all get the same line of communication. Nature is talking to us, we are just so far gone in the ratrace we have lost our touch with it.

The Buddha was born under a tree, 

he attained enlightenment under a tree 

and he exited his body under a tree.

Trees for me are an antenna to something more . When we plant a tree we are connecting our souls to the Universe. We are making a connection with the Akasha. The cosmic super computer!


I challenge you to phantom plant a tree!


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