This time 2 years ago!

 This time 2 years we headed off on a phantom planting holiday down round Cork direction in the southern parts of Ireland with a van full of trees phantom planting!

We Phantom Planted lots of trees and met many people and signed up our first Cork Paramili-Tree branch.

We also got invited to come and plant some trees in Blarney Castle and we got the VIP tour of the place. 

To be honest it was one of the best days yet for me as The Phantom Planter and I think where I got to plant the 2 trees in the pic right outside Blarney Castle has to be one of the best tree planting locations for me yet!

Something quantumly entangled happened that day too, magical, serendipitous or whatever you want to call it, but things like this don't just happen by coincidence!

On our way down we stopped off at Jampa Ling Buddhist monastery which is about 300 mile from Cork and while we were there we told them what we were doing that we were on a phantom planting holiday.

One of the resident monks there Lobsang gave me this rowan tree that was sitting out the front of his cabin to phantom plant on my journey.

When we got to Blarney Castle the manager of the place assigned Kirsty that works there to be our guide for the day taking us around the grounds and giving us the 5 star treatment. She also helped us out in planting the trees too.

But as we were planting the rowan tree I was telling her the story of where it came from and who gave me it.

She sort of looked at me funny and said she cant believe this.

Kirsty said she used to live at Jampa Ling practicing Buddhism and helping out, she knew Lobsang very well and she also knew the rowan tree also that sat outside his cabin.

I couldn't believe this! I mean what are the chances!!

Kirsty said that she had been veering off her Buddhist path lately and then I land in to her life with a tree to plant from Jampa Ling!

I have lost count how many events like this has happened to me from I started phantom planting, connecting to mother nature and opening my mind to the teachings of the Buddha..

I do believe there is magic in this world to connect too and for me its all about differentiating between our ego and our soul.

What is your intention in your actions, do you plant a tree for likes and show off saying look at me, look what I'm doing or do you plant a tree with the pure intention in helping nature, the community and the creation. 

Only we know deep in ourselves the real reasons we do things.

There is no fooling the creation though, it will always know and feel your true intentions. 

For me personally I got soul debt to sort, I owe it to nature, we all owe nature, every tree I plant I say a prayer to myself.

"Father of creation, mother of nature, please accept this tree is offering for all that you have given me"...

Nature is the creation and my interaction with it is personal...

The ego likes to think of you separate from the creation. The soul knows its all interconnected and interdependent and its only when we live in our souls that the magic comes out to play. 

I mean why would the creation want to reveal anything to us when we live abusing it. 

Peace and love....


I challenge you to phantom plant a tree!


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