Wee dander in Narnia!

 Me and wee betty had a day out in the mountains yesterday. Haven't been up in such a long time now. I've been so busy with the phantom planter and trying to get my new Buddha Beds business off the ground that I haven't had much time to be doing things like this anymore.

Felt great though getting up there, you never come back from a dander in the mountains and say "well that was a waste of time". Its good to get the body moving in such fresh spaces, opening up the lungs and clearing the cobwebs. 

We are so lucky here in Belfast to have the Mourne Mountains aka Narnia just down the road from us. 

CS Lewis spent a lot of time walking here which is where he got his inspiration from for Narnia.

It is a very inspiring place to walk, I've spent years battling demons solo up in these mountains. Used to go up every week with a hangover and as long as I beat my last time to the top I was convincing myself that drink and drugs had no effect in my life. 

All I was looking at was my watch the whole way up!

After I beat my previous time it was straight to the bar to get pissed and celebrate. On many occasions I brought drugs with me, running up the mountain lit like a maniac!

We live in a world of extremes, consume in extreme then train in extreme. Where as the Buddha has taught me the middle way. 

F**k what your time is to the top, why miss all that beauty. I bet CS Lewis wasn't timing himself to the top. He would have been walking mindfully and letting the mountains communicate with him. Answers come to you in these sorts of places when we walk mindfully and connect. Things that I'm trying to work out in my head often get solved after a mindful walk in Narnia.

Anyhow back to business today, please feel free guys to share my Buddha Beds page. If you need a mattress  get in touch. www.buddhabeds.co.uk. 



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