You gotta try these things!

 A while back I had been saying that I was on Onlyfans to try and generate some income and it seemed to have stirred up a few people that I was on there with many thinking I was going to be getting my kit off! (Which I would never be doing btw.)

Just an update on it though guys, I'm not on it anymore, its really not of me, It didn't feel right every time I went on wondering what sort of messages I was going to get. It also felt so vain of me trying to take posey pics of myself to put on there. It didn't feel right at all for me, I felt I was becoming the social media type person I look at and was tempting though to carry on taking the money but I had to draw the line. 

Its so easy though to let yourself get carried away on social media these days. Our egos and these platforms are not a good mix.

I was a slave to money most of my life. Money dictated my every thought and action and I felt myself slide back into that old train of thought. Loosing touch again with the substance of the soul.

Peoples entire characters are bought, manufactured and manipulated and these social media platforms are making it even easier for people to get caught up in these soul traps. It knocked me out of balance for a bit. Can be very testing on here at times. Sometimes you forget there is a real world out there.

I'm back to my old better balanced self again. For a while there I stopped going on my phone free nature walks. Most days I try and do these. Zen walking it is, leave your phone behind and walk mindfully through the forest, dont rush at all, be present and just walk being in the NOW. 

The past and future does not exist, respect what the creation is revealing to you now. Not an easy task though in our fast paced world.

I lost touch doing these for a while, always having to check my phone. I think we all need to do this daily. The world is lost in Yang. Its the Yin we all need!

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And as always

I Challenge  You To Phantom Plant a Tree!


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