Free spirit.

 Love being up in mountain rock pools like this. Has such a cleansing effect. There are not many places of purity left these days but up the mountains there is very little pesticides or contaminants. On a nice warm day I can hang out in places like this for hours. 

Still the mind, still your surroundings. 

Wouldn't it be amazing to have such a still mind. To not be effected by the noise of the world or tempted  by all the poisons and pollutants that are thrown in our faces daily. Even our thoughts are manipulated by exterior BS! 

Buddhism has given me a very different outlook on life. Its a practice though but when I look back over my 8 years or so of practicing I've come to a place where I'm very comfortable in my own skin. Not having to run around like a headless chicken looking for my next passing pleasure or burden my soul with the never ending contracts and conformities that society tries to get us entangled with. Things we only think we own but end up owning us. 

Our souls are under some sort of spell... Free your spirit guys.  .

Om mani padme hum....



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