Love this!

 Bumped into a nice lady at our memorial orchard yesterday and she was tidying up and adding some nice decorations to an apple tree that we phantom planted last year in memory of her sister. This ladies tree has some of her ashes planted in with the tree.

I think this is such an amazing thing to do. Your loved ones ashes will become part of the tree. 

Seeing people come to our orchard like this really touches my heart. I cant explain it at times, the old me was money driven and pleasure seeking, lost in a world of greed and delusion. 

Phantom planting a tree and watching people come and have moments of reflection at it gives me such a warm feeling. Our world is all about us, self gratifying and egotistical. 

When we give back like this for no other reason other than trying to create good vibrations in a very dark world it lights up your soul.... As I said I dont have the vocabulary to express what this phantom planting has done to me. But I'm in a different realm in my mind.


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