Replacing a dead tree!

 Was out last night replacing an apple tree that didn't make it. We phantom planted it in early spring and it was just slowly dying since then. This will happen to potted trees sometimes. They can go into transplant shock.

I had to change the name on the tag also, as the tree that died was a Discovery variety and the one we replaced was a James Grieves, this was a 30th year wedding anniversary tree for the Jane's.

My old mate came to spectate on the planting and a few other neighbours came out for the planting also, it was a right little community gathering. Love how planting trees brings people together.

Its all coming together beautifully around this estate for me, many of the trees have been adopted by neighbours that come out and water them for me and always keeping a watchful eye.

This is what I'm leaning towards in the future is having people adopt and look after trees that I phantom plant.

As most of you know I've setup my own native apple tree nursery and next year we are going to have over 300 apple trees to phantom plant.

My goal is to recruit people to look after them after I phantom plant. There is horses for courses in this life and phantom planting trees is what I love doing!

All the trees will be added to my tree map I have and I will then try and find willing people who will go and tend to the trees after I phantom plant them.

I'm going to build a proper Paramili-Tree army and get Belfast City and beyond full of apple trees for everyone to enjoy!

I also encourage all of you to do the same. I believe all of us need to invest our energy in positive actions that benefit community and nature. I'm speaking from my soul here - that Buddha light thats in us all. 

We need to stop letting other negativities of the world infect us. Stop giving our energy to things we can do nothing about. Be part of the creation guys, all this way of life we are tempted into is built on destruction and I believe its all finely tuned to keep that Buddha light in us all dimmed down.

#paramilitrees #communityspirit #phantomplanter 

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! 

Peace and love...


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