Yorkshire Paramili-Trees Phantom Plant in Belfast!

The Yorkshire Paramili-Trees phantom plant their first apple tree in Belfast!

They had brought 2 fruit trees with them to phantom plant while here and we found a nice spot for them at "The Rotten Apple Orchard".... Named by Jonny Rotten himself!

Great to have your energy guys at this new orchard that we have just setup in winter past making this the forth orchard in Belvoir housing estate!

Thank you for your contribution.....

I was showing the lads the other orchards and trees last night that I have scattered all over Belfast then we went up to the peace line where parts of the city are walled off keeping the two sides apart between the Shankill and the Falls, one of the lads comes from a Sikh background and was a amazed to see a photo of a sikh on the famous murals that surround the gates at the peace line!

I also showed them the trees that Big D himself aka the Dalai Lama planted at the peace line back in year 2000!

We then seen a well known politician out canvassing and I called his name out the window then shouted UTPP up the phantom planters, he never knew where to look!

Nows the time to be getting the politician's planting trees, they'll do anything right now to get some brownie points!

This is the Yorkshire Paramili-trees last day here and the one place they said they wanted to go was Narnia and another thing one of them wanted to do was hang upside down in a hammock that I've posted about in the past, so today we are going to Narnia to hang upside down from a tree!!!

#paramilitrees #communityspirit #yorkshire #phantomplanter

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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