Big Belly Oaks!

Check out my baby oak trees grown from the acorns I planted from the famous Big Belly Oak Tree in Wiltshire!!!

I remember collecting these and I was only able to find four acorns lying around, so very lucky to get two healthy ones growing right here!

As most of you probably know last Autumn me and wee betty took a tour around England gathering up acorns from some of the most famous and oldest trees in the country, I have a plan come every Autumn now when the trees start to produce their seed to head around the UK and Ireland collecting acorns from the most prestigious and famous trees, going to grow them all up and phantom plant an oak grove near the phantom planters HQ one day and get buried in the middle of them!

I'm manifesting leaving a story behind alright, a story that will go on for a thousand years still promoting phantom planting for generations long after I'm gone!

I can see it, people are going to be talking about these trees in story books and films way into the future, about how the phantom planter gathered these oak trees from all the most magical and mysterious trees on these islands, grew them all up and phantom planted them right in Belvoir estate,  Belfast!

Thats part of my dream, life vision and purpose, funny any drink, drug, car, house, job, title, status, medal, trophy or whatever else we are made to believe is the be all and end all to life just doesn't have the same effect on my soul as phantom planting this oak grove!

The Robin Hood oaks are on their way, I managed to get about 100 acorns of this tree, officially named the Major Oak of Sherwood forest, but I like to call it the Robin Hood Oak as it was said he hid in this tree at one time, will post pics of these soon, they are just starting to poke their heads above the soil now!

I felt something that morning within me gathering these Robin Hood acorns, it was 5am as your not allowed near the tree as its fenced off, so me and wee betty went up early with a torch and jumped the fence to get the acorns, as I was gathering them I felt my spirit rise in me, like I could see and feel where my vision was going, I seen kids being inspired to phantom plant in future generations as they're mum is reading them bedtime stories on the phantom planter! Sounds a bit mad but something happened to me that morning, they say Robin Hoods spirit still roams Sherwood protecting the trees, something was with me that morning, I felt some sort of surge rise in me, a feeling I've never had and started seeing all these visions!

People think ive gone a bit away with the faeries which  it would seem that way to many but looking back over my life,  being a greedy self gratifying parasitic rat on the monopoly board I was really away in the head then, the demons got me big time, I'll have the fairies anyday! 

I also have another sapling from the Bowthorpe Oak in Lincolnshire, said to be the thickest oak tree in the country with a girth of 13 metres, this tree did not produce acorns last year but the owner gave me a sapling of it!

Last couple of posts people have been offering to send me acorns from other famous trees and I'm really grateful for this, but I have to go and do this personally, I gotta connect with the tree and see it for myself, I gotta bring the magic and energy back with me personally, thanks anyway guys really appreciate it!

#Robinhood #sherwoodforest #bigbellyoak #bowthorpeoak #phantomplanter

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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