Eat from the wild - Your soul needs it!

Phantom planting organic fruit trees is a massive passion of mine, I know I keep going on about how much we need organic seasonal foods in our diets, but for me its so important!

Learning about what I can use from the land also is a passion of mine, most of our land has been exhausted from farming, most fruit and veg we eat nowadays are grown for profit, they have no nutritional content at all, some of the most vital nutrients we need come from the mycelium network underground, when we plough the land we kill this all this mushroom network.

Thats why we should be eating foraged foods from deep in forest where there is little chance of pesticides being sprayed and these are grown and connected to the mycelium network providing us with vital life force nutes that we've been missing for years and its sending us insane!

This stuff just makes sense to me, look around you, never has there been so much sicknesses in the world and many out there are sitting back profiting from it, its scary and sad and they keep bringing out all these new science backed supplements that only time will tell the effects it will have on us in 20 years time.

The longest healthiest living people from all around the world eat organic seasonal foods!

When I was around 17 I trained with these 2 guys in the gym about the same age as me, they were super level health and fitness dudes and have been all their lives, they didnt drink much or smoke but they were supplement junkies falling for all this science backed e=mc2 crap that they put on the side of these over priced supplements!

I just heard recently that both of them have cancer, with one being terminal, so sad to hear but my first thought was that these dudes were always taking supplements, man made profit driven processed chemical junk!

We keep adding more and more new processed foods and supplements into our diets and have no idea what the long term effects are going to be, we are guinea pigs and I can bet that the same company making these supplements will be the same company sitting waiting to come up with the pills to treat the negative effects it will be having on us in the future!

Business is a really messed up and sad state of affairs, always think its a good idea if we had a capped capitalist system, meaning once you make say one million your not allowed to partake anymore, your forced to retire and relax, you've completed and won the monopoly board and can take things easy, just a thought though, something needs to change in this world.

But me I will be living in a hut up high with the trees with the only way in is you have to climb up a rope to get in, have my little satchel for carrying wee betty up with me, hard to believe but this is in the process of getting built for me and spend my life living as close to the earth as possible, being very mindful of how I'm interacting with mother nature and living in service for her.

I believe this is our best bet for determining a happy path of our life and soul, I've had enough falling for these constipated muppets running our world, following they're way led me to doom and gloom and pill popping!

Ps look what rope climbing has done to my back, im like tarzan now alrite! 

#phantomplanter #freespirit 

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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