Keep planting and Chanting!

Here is three cherry plum trees I phantom planted about 3 years or so ago, I planted these with a builders bar, a 10kg heavy metal bar and just jabbed it in the ground to make a hole and stuck in these small saplings that where grown in small cell trays!

One thing I remember about planting these was when I put up the video of planting, some expert in the horticultural world who said he had degrees and lots of letters after his name told me that this method would never work, he gave me a whole load of mind boggling bamboozling scientific reasons as to why these saplings would not survive!

I remember believing him at the time and I was feeling quite deflated thinking these saplings would die and my work and effort was a waste of time!

But here you go guys, trust science they say??

These cherry plum trees are thriving and I tell you another thing, these were wild phantom planted, meaning I never went back near them to water or weed or anything, just plant and chant and go!!!

Dont let anyone put you off phantom planting, just make sure you plant the tree the right way up, thats my only advice, just keep planting and chanting and learning and observing what you are doing!


Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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