Miss you every day Mum...

Eleven years ago today I lost my wee mum, Friday 13th of all days too she passed away!

A couple of years before my mum passed away my life took a serious down turn, a dark cloud came over my life, I call it ripening negative karma, my past actions living in the underworld were coming to fruition, I brought serious problems to my family, friends and associates, terrible things were happening! 

My mum was bed ridden for years, I visited her every day in life and made her tea and toast and sorted her gambling accounts, she used my credit cards for playing online bingo and poker!

Bell star and maverick they called my mum and dad in America, they were poker players, they both played every year for years on Indian reservation casinos in the US, all cash games! 

Looking back now my mum and dad were serious characters, I went every year and watched them play, I dont know how we made it out alive at times, they took some chances driving all over America playing cash game poker!

When I brought mayhem and madness into my life I couldnt see my mum for around 1 year and she was worried sick about me, she went down hill very fast and when I came back she passed away

I learned a massive lesson in life loosing my wee mum hence why one of the reason I live how I live now!

There is only one way for me to live in life, and thats the right way, morally and truthfully!

None of that underworld crap is worth it, always remember my mate saying why cant you just get normal people to do a bit a work for you, his type of work was smuggling and moving about very dodgy goods, I said its not like your going to have university graduates queing up for the job!

Enter into that world and your entering into a world full of the maddest craziest and often the most dangerous dudes the world had to offer, wont be long before you become infected and need to take all sorts of drink and drugs just to get through it!

No friends in business is what my delboy dad always says, and you've certainly no friends in the underworld!, they will happily see you dead or locked up just to save their own ass, so called friends this is! 

Anyhow miss you every day mum.....



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