My book could be coming soon!

Had Leesa Harker out phantom planting with me yesterday who is a writer and has wrote a couple of very well known Northern Irish humour books, Fifty Shades of Red White and Blue and Maggie Muff are a couple of her most popular books and plays!

Leesa brought along a stunning pear tree to phantom plant and we went and found a nice spot for it, also got her signed up and sworn in as an official Paramili-Tree! Swell the ranks!!!

Thank you Leesa for your contribution to our community orchard!

I had did post a couple of weeks ago saying I'm going to write a book about my life story and that I was looking for writing groups around Belfast to join and Leesa messaged me saying she would be more than happy to help me do this, had a great chat with her yesterday about how to go forward with this and got lots of tips and pointers and I got along great with her also, loved some of the stuff she was talking about, right up my street, who knows what could come out of this!

My only concern for my book is I have a very shady past, there's a whole side to me that I never mention on here but its a side that was me for a very long time!

When I think back to it is it any wonder I needed drugs every day to keep me going, I had my finger in so many pies, at one time I probably had the best underworld crew around, it was the perfect system, had a front man who could sound like Royalty , had builders that could make me the Eiffel Tower, had a full time Chemist by my side that carried everything in his Mary Poppins bag at all times, head lamps, eye drops, pill for this, pill for that, all sorts of tools, and even crab claws, you name it this dude had it, he kept me ticking!

Had my own secret basement under a fancy restaurant in an exclusive part of Belfast with my own private Butler, God rest my wee best mate, never forget this wee dude, used to meet him every night 6pm and he had a beer ready for me and a spliff, one night he wasnt there and I got a call to say he dropped dead and he was also the minder of most of my cash!

I turned white soon as I heard he died, to be honest the old greedy me was more worried about the stashes of cash, then when I went and seen his family his wife told me where the stash was and I burst out into tears and started to mourn my wee best mate at the time, felt so ashamed after that I was worrying more about the money than him, its a poisonous world!

I had it well sorted at one time and I had every top man in my area in my back pocket, they were all well looked after, my Delboy dad taught me too well, I took things to the next level and many of my businesses where just a front, turns out though the front businesses I setup where making me just as much money as my underworld activities, you couldn't make it up!

Everything I touched turned to gold but there was one thing that was fading and that was my soul, you know living that way of life makes you an edgy unpredictable maniac, no inner peace or contentment whatsoever!

I didnt know any better growing up, I was born into this way of life watching my dodgy Delboy Dad and his antics!

Maybe I'll move to Brazil and really tell all....


Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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