RIP June Heaney

We phantom planted a memorial apple tree at the orchard yesterday in memory of June Heaney, she was one of the pages long time supporters who passed away recently.

Her husband and friends came along yesterday and planted some of June's ashes in with the planting of the tree, this is such a nice thing to do and is so good for the tree and soon June will become part of the tree.

I could see how much comfort her husband was getting from doing this, I think this should be something that should be done alot more, I know people get trees planted in memory of passed loved ones and have their ashes scattered over the tree but I think the family needs to be involved in the planted too and even better when the tree is a fruit tree that will be contributing to the community and nature!

RIP June Heaney.....

My dodgy delboy dad was the last person in the world who ever would have planted a tree, when I said to him on the anniversary of my mothers passing do you want to plant a tree in memory of mum his eyes lit up, I couldn't believe it, he went back and watered and looked after the tree every week after that!

I really like doing this also, taking time to plant trees with people and the Belvoir Memorial orchard is practically full to the brim now, there is 5 acres of land for sale next to the orchard and I'm thinking of setting up a go fund me page to buy it and make it the Belfast memorial orchard, its 135k and you could fit thousands or fruit trees on it, its the pefect location, a 10 minute drive from Belfast city centre!

What do you think guys, Should I do this?

If yous help me buy the land I will carry on paying for the trees and offering my time to plant and look after the place and I'm sure many of you would like to help out too. This place would be for everyone. A life long plan to make a massive city orchard! 

#memorialtree #phantomplanter

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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