Love these plum trees!

Was down yesterday checking and tidying up some of the tallest phantom planted trees I have, check out the size of these plum trees, I must have planted these about 6 years ago and they are massive!

Full of plums this year too, this is part of my life vision is to have fruit trees at all the laybys so people can stop off on their trips out and help themselves to some free fruit.

Will have an app one day to tell you all where they are and when ripe and ready to eat! 

I remember at the time planting these trees and this lady jumped out asking what was I doing and that she had a background in ecology, speaking all Latin and all that, saying you dont know what your doing, you could be bringing in diseases, need plant passports and that I needed permission and all that!

She stood over me the whole time making me think I was planting an ecological bomb that was going to destroy our already crippling world of nature!

Back then I knew nothing about nature or ecology, I just had a gut feeling that I needed to do this, the stuff she was saying didnt make sense to me anyhow as back then I always thought we have no idea what a bird has for breakfast in Spain and poops the seeds out over here the next day avoiding plant passport control!

Or where the squirrel is going to plant them acorns next and also them sycamore seeds or helicopters I knew them as, in high winds these little things can fly for miles,  land and germinate anywhere!

I was observing nature back then with a very simple mindset and still to this day I have the same mindset, nature does not ask permission to sow a seed and neither should you!

I ignored this lady and carried on phantom planting! 

What is pretty crazy also is that at this same location I had another plum tree planted a few hundred metres behind these two, it was in swampy ground and the little tree always struggled but it was surviving and growing slowly over the years and always flowered and produced plums, given time it would have grown massive but the council pulled this one out on me as they were planting a whole line of trees here and my plum was probably not cosmetic enough for them and right at this spot where the little plum tree once stood for years has now been replaced with a Laurel plant that has died as you can see in the pic that I just notuced yesterday!

Definitely a bit of bad luck going on here or something, maybe the Tuatha have something to do with this, leave the phantom planters trees alone council dudes, you've been warned by the fae! 

All these years later I've started to learn a bit more about ecology and one thing I do know is, LAUREL is probably the worst thing we can grow, its invasive and poisons the land and should be banned and this was planted by the council!!! The ones we think that know what they are doing!

That lady back then tried to put me off what I was doing but I knew to follow my heart and soul and all these years later the phantom planter Facebook page just passed 97k followers yesterday too!

Always follow your heart guys....

"The more light you shine the more shadows you cast"

#phantomplanter #communityspirit #phantomplanters

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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