Phantom planted memorial cherry tree!

Phantom planted a memorial cherry tree yesterday in memory of this lads mum, when he landed over with the plaque and my right hand man seen the date the lady was born on the same day as him, my Twigadier couldn't believe it!

I bumped into this young lad while walking and he said you must be the phantom planter and was saying about how much he would love a tree planted in memory of his mum, I said call down on Sunday and I'll have you one ready for planting.

This young lad has never planted a tree in his life before and I could see how much he was enjoying it, he couldn't believe the tree was full of cherries also.

The tree was donated to me by a good supporter who grew it out their back for a couple of years and it had a bumble bee ornament hanging of it, the young lad couldn't believe it, he said his mum loved bees and had bumble pictures, duvets and all sorts all over her house!

This young lad said he has been following me for a long time so he knew that I always talked about connection to mother nature and as we were digging the hole, seeing grass and weed roots, bugs, worms and insects, he started to talk about connection, that you can see that everything is connected he was saying, I could see him think more about the connection that we are all missing to mother nature!

He said to me that after his dad met me that his dad said I thought he was going to be some hippie dippie type dude, this made me laugh, I'm far from a hippie dippie type dude, I just know whats good for my soul.....

This is what I believe my life path and purpose is to do, is to get people from working class areas planting trees and connected to nature, I always said that when I was a kid if some hippie tree hugger came into my estate trying to get kids planting trees I'd of hit him on the head with an apple!

Nature needs to be made cool for the working classes, it needs to be sold to them in a different way, it doesnt matter what our leader's do for nature, whether they plant 1 million trees or 10 million, if people in the roots of society are not connected to nature then it will never be respected!

I've had enough of being a pill popping concrete jungle rocket, everywhere you look is pills and poisons and the bling of the world is a farce and a head melt and wouldn't you know, everything we do in the modern world someone somewhere is cashing in, power of suggestion is a pretty powerful psychological tool they use to control us!

Although what I have learned in life also is we must take responsibility for our own choices, the Buddha says we have ego eyes and wisdom eyes, use your wisdom eyes, forsee the outcome of where our actions will take us tomorrow, we are all becoming  a product of what we are applying our time and energy too today! 

I was an expert drink and drug taker and it took years of practice to become this, for the past 7 years I've been practicing a new way of life! 

The vast majority of all the situations we find ourselves in was through our own choices. 

Leave the phone behind and hit the forest barefoot for a walk or even better do some training, I love training in the trees, this is what we are missing!

#phantomplanter #communityspirit #phantomplanters

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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