Buddhist blessed blackcurrants!

 Buddhist blessed blackcurrant bushes growing away in the phantom planters HQ!

These are from cuttings that were grown and given to me by monks at Jampa Ling Tibetan Buddhist centre and they were also blessed by a Rinpoche before I took them, he's a high ranking inner council Tibetan Lama, like a godfather of the Buddhist world, he's even got the shades like Big D and the rest of the Lamas, you ever notice all the high ranking lamas wear these tinted glasses, they are the real Goodfellas in my opinion, respect for what these dudes bring to the world, they are holding the worlds energy in balance if you ask me...

I remember planting these many years ago and I was still riddled with addictions and mental trauma, I got about 100 or so of these Buddhist blessed berry bushes and hadn't a clue really what I was doing, it was wet and cold and in the middle of the winter and I was just sticking these berry whips in the ground any way I could.

I believed at the time that because they were blessed by a Tibetan Lama they would grow no matter what!

And grow they did, we have a mix of jostaberry and blackcurrant all over the orchard thriving that came from the monks, we got a lot of special energy down at the phantom planters HQ!

Yesterday we had an RSPB expert up asking me my thoughts and opinions on the surrounding forest and as I was feasting on these blackcurrants I was thinking to myself that I've went from a piss head drug addict who hadn't a clue about nature not that long ago to having RSPB experts asking for my views.

Feel good about myself at times how much I've learned and how far I've come in the nature world, back then planting the Buddhist blessed berry bushes all I knew was to make sure they were the right way up and all these years later not much has change in the way of planting, still I just make sure they are the right way up and keep on planting and chanting, you get losses and thats to be expected but its like an army, you just gotta keep on sending in more back up, keep them paramili-trees digging!

Anyhow I'm on a bit of a fast here today, when we go 18 hours fasting drinking only water, do lots of yoga and exercise then feast on live wild berries from mother nature it cleans the blood, we need to be eating wild live foods, these are the real super foods, dont you often wonder how a swallow can fly from one end of the world to the other, its certainly not by eating processed foods, when we eat live wild foods thats grown and connected to the mycelium network underground we are eating the very creation of all life, the Brahma particles, just watch and observe the nature world, how things move and fly, they are all eating live wild foods!

We all need to try and get at least one small portion a day of this stuff in our bodies I believe...

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Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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