Worlds biggest oak tree!

 Some pics from visiting the worlds biggest oak tree yesterday! 

I seen this oak tree last year and was keen to get back and see it again this year to see if it produced any acorns as I would love this trees offspring in my collection of iconic oak tree that I have.

But it hasn't produced any this year though, I will be back to check on this next year again, really want this trees seeds for my collection as its the most empowering tree I've yet to see! !

Its all hollowed out and I climbed inside it and was able to hold my two arms straight out side ways and not be touching the tree, its amazing its able to support itself as it melts back down into the ground to where it once came from. 

300 years growing 

300 years standing proud 

300 years to die melting back into the ground.

Said to be the average cycle of the oak tree. 

I love the fact this tree is in an old ladies garden which is why I wont disclose the location and left to go its natural way, if it was on public land theres no way it would be left like this for elf and safety reasons.

It's believed this tree was planted in 1269.

#phantomplanter #oaktree

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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