All life welcome!

 This is why we dont strim the grass at the phantom planters HQ, we have seen loads of frogs jumping through the orchard over the years and I would feel so bad if I hit one of these with a strimmer and frogs are the best slug repellent also so they are very much welcome!

Its also best that we have left the orchard wild and natural too as it attracts much more wild life, yesterday I seen a bird that I've never seen before sitting eating one of the apples on a branch of the tree, it was like a bright multi coloured pigeon, really cool looking bird that just stopped by for an apple which its welcome too.

When I phantom plant a fruit tree its an offering to all life, my motto is there will be enough for everyone and every bird or insect if we all just keep planting and chanting!

Had such a moment yesterday at the orchard, me and my mate bumped into an old guy from the estate at a plum tree we have, we all found a ripe plum each and ate it, it was silent the whole time as we were all enjoying the plum and then after the old guy finished eating his I could see his face light up with a smile saying "you'll really not get much fresher than that picked right on my doorstep!"...

He was happy and I was happy too...

We are off to phantom plant a memorial apple tree today that my mate bought to phantom plant in memory of his mates Granda, he was saying to me yesterday that he thinks I've sprinkled some magic fairy dust on him as he's been none stop phantom planting fruit trees, he's even got his own mini phantom planted orchard in East Belfast!

The positive ripples of phantom planting fruit trees is never ending! 

From an act of Rascality planting without permission to all sorts of life feeling the benefits of it and even more trees being phantom planted as a result! 

Theres is nothing the monopoly board has to offer that even comes close to how I feel at times, no toy or tinsel, no drink or drug, fast car or big house, its all dead and lifeless! 

Give me my tiny cabin and let the world be my garden to phantom plant and im higher on life than any line of coke! 

Our whole system and way of life is manufactured to delude you from even thinking something more special exists. 

#phantomplanter #communityspirit

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....

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