Blackberry season is upon us!

 Was out yesterday picking some blackberries, going to get loads of them and freeze to add to my porridge every day!

I'm a great believer that we really need to be getting wild natural foods into our diets hence one of the reasons I have a passion for phantom planting fruit trees, our kids need this, we need this!

We are missing vital stuff from not eating foods straight from wild nature that are connected to the mycelium /mushroom network underground.

Nearly all farmed foods grown, organic and non organic they plough the land destroying the mycelium network cutting of the supply of many important enzymes and never mind the stuff they spray on them too, its not right!

You want real super foods in your diets get out and forage and its also a great way to connect with nature, these Delboys and Arthur Daley's that run our world will tell you anything, that some factory dried leaf from the other end of the world has all sorts of super human benefits with hefty price tag also!

Most of it is dead, its dried and probably scrapped off the bottom of someones foot in a slum somewhere and put into fancy packaging and shipped to the other end of the world and we run around queuing up for the stuff! All the usual delusion of the monopoly board if you ask me!

I did it myself though, thats how I rolled for most of my life, I was that king rat at one time that would have told you anything to make a sale, I've told some porkies over my days of wheeling and dealing and for me the ones running our world are car sales people that have just gotten a bit of control.

Gotta give it to them though, pretty genius how they do it, not only are they expert sales people but they educate us on how to buy from them, our whole schooling system is really prepping us up to be a consumer if you ask me! 

Anyhow guys, get out and connect to mother nature, the way of the world is a headmelt and remember guys if taking from nature you gotta give back and become a phantom planter, keep your seeds from what your foraging for and grow them on for phantom planting.

Keep it symbiotic with mother nature, you know it makes sense, dont be the educated parasite anymore! 

#phantomplanter #communityspirit #phantomplanters

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....

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