Hare Krishna meal at the Raj...

 This is a Hare Krishna meal that I've got my Nepalese friends at the Raj Indian restaurant on the Lisburn Road Belfast to make me, no garlic, no onion, no meat,  all positive pranic ingredients to feed the soul....

I've been eating here for over 20 years, these guys have seen me from days of throwing plates across the room in a drunken rage and wheeling and dealing everything under the sun to coming in and chanting Hare krishna and Om Namah Shivaya! 

I never forget the time when I stopped drinking beer and I came in and just started ordering water, the boss man thought it was some sort of joke, these days he really in mesmerized though... I was the last person in the world anyone would have ever thought would turn into a planter and chanter, cant believe it myself at times but I'm in a much better place now! 

I'm like part of the furniture down here, get my meals from here 4-5 times a week, they really look after me,  It really is the best food in Belfast and beyond...

And if you do go down and ask for the Hare krishna meal I've got the chef to pray and bless the food while cooking it! 

Where would you get it!!!

Im definitely an incarnation from Nepal or Tibet or something, just been darkened and blinded by western ways for too long. 

Get down and try your Hare Krishna dinner today, its not on the menu but if you ask they'll make you it! 

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