Mind medication!

 I'd say one of the most needed antidotes in today's fast paced world is meditation!

We all need to slow the f**k down, I've been on the path of trying to find stillness in my mind for years now, its not easy but I've came a long way so far!

Growing up around my wheeling and dealing delboy dad I was born into madness, it was sell sell sell all day every day and most of the stuff my delboy dad was selling was dodgy, fell off the back of a lorry type stuff or smuggled in contraband!

So you were always looking over over shoulder, you also had to be on your toes all the time to be dealing with some of the dodgiest dudes about, they weren't the church going type people we were dealing with, many would nick the eye out of your head if given the chance!

"Its the biggest lying game in the world"

Is what my delboy dad always said, you cant believe or trust anyone your dealing with, complete dog eat dog, "You've no friends in business" is another one he always said!

Both sayings couldn't be anymore truer and I learned it myself the hard way!

I went onto be 10 times worse than my delboy dad, Gangster No.1 he used to call me!

I watched all the tricks of the trade from a child, it wasnt hard for me to make the connections as they were all visiting my delboy dad's every day, I got to know them all very well!

As I grew older I started to import and manufacture my own goods, I exploited my delboy dads connections and also had the best security also, things were too good to be true for a very long time.

I made more money than any of them, but you know what all them dodgy dudes your working with that you think are your friends, secretly they're trying to ruin you!

Living this way of life I acquired so much negative karma and you cant escape karma, karma means action, action creates reaction and it's only a matter of time before these negative ripples your putting out there come back and wreak havoc in your life and let alone the amount of addictions, passing pleasures and self gratifications you acquire also just to get through the mayhem of it all.

That underworld business will eat you up and spit you out, it will leave you poisoned and polluted, it will leave you sick in the head and sick in the body!

"I've got a bit of history as you can probably see,

if I were unmasked I may not complete my task,

as people from my past may not let me be,

planting trees is not their cup of tea,

hidden agendas is what they will see,

stashes of millions is what they think of me,

bullets, bombs and bastards forced me to flea,

now I've found Buddha i'm growing young and free,

my love and compassion is branching out like a tree...."

I say my prayers of gratitude after meditation most mornings, I thank the Buddha for helping me make it out alive.....

Meditation and stilling my mind is part of who I am now, there's something really special about the feeling of contentment in your life and that cant be bought....


Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....

If you like what I do and share you can support me on the link below and help keep me planting and chanting. 



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