Another snippet from my book coming soon.

Good morning guys, I've been a bit slack on my phantom planter posts recently as I've been concentrating on my book which will be coming out very soon but here is another snippet of what will be in it. 

Chapter 25 - My Romania trip

Also around the time I had my pound shop which was from the age of 21-23 roughly, I had this guy that worked for me in the shop and he was also a minder and a runner of my contraband, he had told me that his uncle owns a furniture factory in Romania that made all pine furniture for export.

At this time I was still big into selling steroids, I had a big massive customer base that I had been slowly building up for years, another pie that I had my finger in, looking back now I dont know how I managed to keep track of it all, it was all go., guess though it's what I was born into, my dads house and way of life was like a constant New York stock exchange, all systems go from the minute you wake till bed time, in later years it was really taking its toll on me, drink and drug addiction mixed in with the stresses of the underworld and the business world I was very prone to loosing the plot at times, smashing and wrecking things like a complete maniac.

These days though I've spent years of training my mind and my emotions, slowing right down through meditation, yoga and the Buddhas teachings.

In Buddhism they cant emphasis enough how bad fits of anger and rage can have on our bodies, minds and souls, they say one moments rage can burn up all the good merit a soul has a accumulated, your literally vibrating at a negative frequency warding off all good things that could be coming your way, its all energy really when you think about it.

I tell you something that I have noticed in my life, many years ago when I was living in these states of negative vibrations, I was magnetically pulled and connected to others who were vibrating on these negative frequencies, like if you were driving by in traffic or something I always would have locked eyes with other lunatics and nearly get in to fights and arguments, the people I was connecting too and getting along with, like randomers in the street were often of similar levels of lunacy as me!

Now these days I'm vibrating very differently with love and compassion, I've totally different intentions and outlooks on the world, when I'm out and about and I look at people in fits of rage I look right at them and for some reason they're not connecting to me, it's like I'm invisible to them, I've observed this for many years now, its like I'm on a different frequency now and I cant possibly tune into theirs, like you rebel them away or something, maybe this all seems a bit woo woo but its just something I've observed from I changed me.

I have changed my life from having the biggest scum in my life till having the most beautiful and amazing people.

I used to look over my shoulder for the police or maybe someone who was going to rob me and in later years for a gunman who was going to kill me!

Now I'm looking over my shoulder and people are giving me kisses and hugs, showering me with kind words and gifts, even the dogs like me better these days, they always come over a lick and cuddle too.

In Buddhist cosmology they talk about the different realms of existence, whether these are states of mind or actual realms I guess thats up to the individual to work out, but I believe these realms of existence are right here now in our own minds, hell realms, hungry ghost realms, the animal realms, human realms and the higher heavenly realms, they all co-exist right here is what I believe, by how we choose to live our lives we move in and out of these different realms.

My journey through these realms so far was being born into the human realm, through my own greed and selfish desires I moved into the hungry ghost realm, continually not happy and always wanting more and more like some possessed self gratifying demon, the negative karma I acquired in living this way put me down into the hell realm where I suffered for years with mental pain and trauma, these realms are not permanent and you only stay so long until your negative karma burns up.

While I was in the hell realm I was very fortunate to find myself in Jampa Ling Buddhist monastery and come across the teachings of the Buddha and I seen as plain as day like a film playing out in front of me that my choices, actions and how I interacted with the creation around me led me into the hell realm.

But I also seen that if I change me and what I put out into the world I can lift myself out of these lower demonic realms and rise into the higher heavenly realms, but they do say your best to stay in the human realm as this is the only realm we can attain Nirvana - End of suffering...

If you can accept that existing means that we will suffer, grow old and sick and move onto other incarnations for aeons' then why not hang around here playing the game but once you attain enlightenment your meant to see all for what it is, you see millions and billions of past lives over and over again that you just want to attain Nirvana and check out of the whole thing.

I like the idea of being a Bodhisattva though, they choose to put off Nirvana and just come here to play around and mix things up a bit...

Dont you just love Buddhism!!!

But back to Romania, me and my mate flew out and met his uncle, it was the most bizarre experience for me, this was before Romania was brought into the EU and his uncle put us up in this hotel which was a brothel, coming from Northern Ireland we never had them types of things and when we first went in there was naked people just running around everywhere, it sort of put me off a bit about what I was going for, I was never into hookers back then, they disgusted me and I had words with one for touching me in the face, it wasnt until way later years that I got into hookers when full of cocaine, f**king hate cocaine, this stuff turns you into something your not, like some sex demon instantly takes you over, I'm sure many out there can relate!

Anyone that sells this stuff should be ashamed of themselves, it ruins life!!!

For years I was hooked on this poison and never once did I ever think of selling it as I knew what it was doing to me, something in me always knew never to be part of polluting another soul with what was ruining me!!

But this brothel I found myself in disgusted me, my mates uncle left us here and I just went for a walk, he then comes and collects us and takes us around his factory showing us what he was doing, I was more interested in asking him about steroid manufacturers as I'd always heard they make them here.

He then takes us to meet some mad man and we all had dinner together, this guy must have been like some mafia boss or something but when we got to see him, he was an old fat bald headed man and he had what seemed to me this gay camp type guy massaging his head, it was so weird looking and then the fat man falls asleep at the table, he then wakes up and calls in a girl and she sits right in front of him on the table with her legs spread and then he starts licking her, I was like saying to my mates unlce what the f**k is going on here, they could sense I didnt really like what was happening and some people werent so happy, my mates uncle was calming the situation by saying to them in Romanian that I just come from a really conservative part of the world and I'm not really into this.

I sort of spat my dummy out of the pram by this stage and didnt want to talk business with anyone.

The whole trip was a waste but it sure was an experience for me and back home we went.

I never give up on the steroids though, me Dodgy D and Roach the great deals on wheel driver decide when I got back to go to Madrid and look for steroid supplier's as I also heard you could buy them out there too, once I get something in my head I need to know, I need it now, right now!!!

But we booked our planes to Madrid via Birmingham and when we got to Birmingham and going for the connecting flight they noticed my passport was out of date and didn't let me fly, you see you can fly from Belfast to Birmingham without a passport as its all UK and when we went for the plane and noticed my passport was out of date I was well pissed off.

We then stayed in Birmingham and partied.

I wasnt meant to import steroids, turns out though it wasnt a bad thing, selling steroids I was noticing that everyone around me was turning into angry monsters, I talked one of my best mates into taking them and he was already a massive guy naturally, he turned into the hulk and became very dangerous, I woke him up one night and he jumped up and grabbed me and threw me across the room like a rag doll.

With my sales tactics I was talking people into taking way more than they needed, I was turning people into monsters!

Hope you enjoyed guys, my book will be on its way very soon....

Again if you enjoyed this please plant a tree. 


Peace and love


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