I challenge you to phantom plant a tree!

 When you phantom plant a fruit tree your planting more than just a tree, your planting a tree that will live for 100 years for everyone to enjoy the fruits from and our children's children!

A tree that the birds will also eat the fruits from and poop out the seeds miles away and possibly grow more trees and over years could become a forest!

Planting a fruit tree in your local community is a positive vibration like noting else, when people see and realise that yes fruit trees can and do grow on our doorsteps I see their faces light up!

I've seen people that would never in a million years have anything to do with trees get involved!

I listen to people talk about how good it is for their mental health coming down and helping out at the orchard!

When we phantom plant a fruit tree something positive grows inside of us as the tree grows, we are building a connection back to the source of our existence!

I tell everyone that comes to the orchard that the top half is all wonky, I was a piss head drug addict that just got it into my head that fruit trees should be all over our streets and estates and just started phantom planting trees, this was also my Buddhist karma yoga practice of some form of selfless service which is believed to purify the soul. 

As you work your way down to the other half of the orchard I seemed to have left all my addictions behind and the other half of the orchard is all straight and proper!

The practice worked and the trees done something to me, they absorbed the old me!

Even when the trees die they become fungus for all sorts of other life to feed on, phantom planting a tree for me is a never ending positive ripple!

Never seen or experienced anything like this with my stashed fireproof cases full of money, the skulduggery and negative vibes involved in acquiring this had me a miserable paranoid mess, what a head melt, never again!

The majority of how most business is conducted is immoral, its dog eat dog and its normalised to be greedy, how many digits and paper do you want?

Which is probably why most business people can become a bit constipated, what we are made to believe is the be all and end all is actually sucking you into stress and mental mayhem...

But as long as the status looks good, as long as the shiny toys and tinsel are gleaming thats the main thing, all exterior and the interior is dying...

Having copious amounts of money, way more than you need carries with it demonic properties, its a type of posion that can send you insane, second guessing everyone thats in your life, looking over your shoulder, living with alarms, security, everything under lock and key and knowing full well that everyone around you is just there for your money and if they even had half a chance they'd rob you blind, having more money than what you need can and will corrupt a mans soul as it did with mine!

Play the monoploy board smart but dont let it rule you and become its vicim because sooner or later the things you own end up owning you. 

Think I'll just stick to phantom planting trees now, has me a bit more chilled out these days, I really didn't like the old me but we are programmed from birth to play the game.

"When a mans good deeds overcome his bad, joy will follow him like a shadow that never leaves...."


Keep putting out them positive ripples guys, its the antidote!

#communityspirit #phantomplanter #paramilitrees

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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