My new Dorje!

 My new Tibetan Dorje necklace, have been wanting one of these for sometime now. 

Feeling stronger already with it. 

I believe in a lot of Tibetan Buddhist mysticism, I mean the Chinese made such a big deal of trying to eradicate every last piece of the Tibetan way, makes you wonder what they feared about it. 

Anyhow, as the ancient Tibetan prophecy said, one day Tibet will be invaded and the dharma wheel will be spread to all corners of the world, this has happened, we have enlightened Lamas living in exile all over the world teaching and maintaining the true Tibetan way, we are very blessed to have one right here on the Emerald Isle! 

I go and visit Jampa Ling regularly and what they are doing down there is absolutely amazing, all their prayers and rituals is linked to the direct lineage right back to the Buddha, powerful stuff! 

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