Happy mother's day!

 Happy mother's day to me my wee mum. Think about you every day. 

Funny I was just writing a chapter in my book this morning about one of the most important people to have come into my life and it was a woman. 

Its always been the feminine energy in my life to have had the greatest positive change and effect on me, even this young girl in the pic, she made the phantom planter. 

We have much to thank the feminine energy for. 

Here is a part of the chapter I had just written today, rest will be in the book soon. 

Chapter 65 - I meet my spirit guide.

Me and dodgy D are out in the town one night and I'm absolutely legless drunk, I can hardly stand and I cant remember much at all, but apparently I approached this girl in a bar and walked over to her and said do you believe in numerology? she took my phone and called her number from my phone and we went on our separate ways. 

The next morning she sent me a text saying she wants to know more about me, that that was a very strange thing to say to someone, she said she was just studying numerology and then I came up to her drunk in the bar saying do you believe in numerology??

Her friend warned her that night to stay away from the 2 baldies who was me and Dodgy D, so she got my number and off she went. 

This woman changed my life in what I'm about to talk about, everything that I am today came from her, she is a soul mate of mine, a spirit guide who took me through gates and into the spiritual world.

We got texting and talking about what each other was up too, she was always up too something that I found very intriguing and interesting and she was just in the middle of reading the book "The Secret" which I also found a bit weird. 

She would be doing yoga alot which I had never done  and she said she was making runes one night which I had never heard of and attended alot of seminars on positive thinking and the law of attraction. 

This girl to be quite honest was blowing my mind, her whole way of life was so fresh and new to me.

I was still a crazy drinker and was not in the best of states mentally but this girl give me her time and attention for some strange reason, I had no idea what she seen in me.

Rest of this chapter in my book coming soon. 

Again thank you to all the woman that are in my life and who have came and went also. 



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