320 native Irish apple trees!

 Thats our native Irish apple trees all grafted and potted up. 

320 in total we got done, now its just a waiting game over the next 6 weeks or so to see how many will take. 

This is potentially 320 apple trees for phantom planting around the streets and estates of Belfast for everyone to enjoy the best tasting apples ever for free.

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I would really appreciate your support guys, hope you understand The Phantom Planter takes up so much of my life and I would love to make a living from it and also to help fund my phantom planting mission which is making our streets and estates urban orchards for all to have free fresh fruit. 

Your contributions will also allow me to carry writing my stories and sharing my antics on here to help inspire others to plant trees. 



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And as always

I Challenge  You To Phantom Plant a Tree!


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