An update from yesterday's post!

 That was some post I did yesterday about me joining Onlyfans!

Couldn't believe the response I got!

Over the past month or so most of you probably know I've been trying to generate an income from my work to allow me to carry on creating Urban Orchards around Belfast and beyond.

I've been joining and sharing my work on other social media platforms like Patreon, Youtube and TikTok and when I've shared it on here, I got a few thumbs up and follows. Then I join Onlyfans and WOW!! The post blew up!

Cant believe some people actually thought I was going to be revealing explicit content on there! These are people who probably have never even visited the Onlyfans page before.

Go have a look for yourself, its not all what you think it is, its actually probably one of the best platforms about for people to generate a living from their content.

And I tell you something else, its probably a lot safer also than on other social media accounts, the verification processes it asks you to do is the most complex I've came across yet, im still not verified, its not a robot does it either, its a person. 

Think theres maybe a bit too much bad propaganda going around about Onlyfans from its other social media competitors.

Some were even saying, wonder what the Buddha would think of me being on a site that promotes porn?

Theres probably just as much porn and seediness being promoted here on Facebook than on Onlyfans. Me personally, I'd say Facebook is worse!

For me I have my reasons for doing Onlyfans, I want to keep my Facebook page for trees, over the years I've been putting up topless pics of me training in the trees.

I know theres probably a lot of people just want to see my tree planting stuff and not me working out topless, I do like to be free in nature taking in all them earth elements!

So I thought Onlyfans could be a good outlet to post all my topless workout pics and videos and at the same time maybe generate an income.

I'm not looking to get into the porn industry, in fact it couldn't be anymore opposite, I'll be talking on there more about the benefits of celibacy more so than promoting sex! Because right now in this overpopulated sex driven world people need to know the self empowering benefits of celibacy!

And at the same time maybe covert and recruit some Onlyfans models to become phantom planters.

Thanks for all the support guys....



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