Memorial tree planting.

 I got asked up yesterday to be the guess planter to plant a pear tree in memory of Caroline Murphy who was the one of the founding members of the Suffolk Community garden in West Belfast.

Caroline who just passed away last month helped set up this community garden back in the early 1990s and what an amazing little spot she has created. I couldn't believe the apple trees they had and the way they have been pruned and trained, it was some of the best I've seen. I tried getting the guys number that did the pruning. Definitely need to recruit him as Paramill-Tree!

Some of the ladies there must have been reading my Onlyfans posts as they were shouting while I was planting, " Go on get your top off for us" I said that'll cost you £9.99 a month on Onlyfans!

Where this is situated is right on a well known interface point in Belfast where one side is Protestant and the other side Catholic. During the troubles here in Northern Ireland this area would have seen a lot of trouble.

Members of my family faced much trouble right in this area during the troubles with my aunt being forced out of her home.

But yesterday people from both sides of the fence came to plant trees in peace!

And I got 2 trees gifted to me for doing this, one I planted in the community garden while I was up there and the other I'm phantom planting today in memory of Caroline Murphy in our Belvoir Memorial Orchard. Have the memorial tag stamped up and all.

Had a great time with all you guys, was a pleasure doing this.

RIP Caroline Murphy.....

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