Rain Rain go to Spain!

 This time 2 years ago we were in a heatwave and it just started to rain. 

I had many newly planted trees that needed water and was so excited for some rain that when it came I was out dancing in it!

This year though it hasn't stopped raining! 

We need to stop taking away trees. Mature oak trees are said to drink around 350 litres of water a day. 

I never understand when they cut down mature trees that are hundreds of years old but then say sure we're planting a hundred more to make up for it. 

Something's not computing there. The Lunatics are running the asylum. 

" The systen cannot be fixed be fixed by the system" 

Tom Morello.

We all need to do our bit for the environment and planting trees is something we can all do and consume less also. Would be great if we all got together and did weekly 24 hour fast. 

Consuming is the problem, while we are all consuming and not giving back we are all just as bad as eachother.

"Spent way too much on self gratification which nearly ended in my own eradication, 

time to give back what we've all taken or our future generations will be left forsaken, 

now that the spirit in me has awakened, planting trees is my soul purification."

My attempt at poetry, it was not that long ago that I thought apostrophe was a Greek God!!!


I challenge you to phantom plant a tree!


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