Never forget about your trees!

 Just as I needed to water lots of potted fruit trees we phantom planted in that sunny spell of weather we got, Indra - God of the rain came to the rescue! The Buddha says it was with earnest efforts and vigilance that Indra became god of all gods and its with earnest efforts and vigilance I watch over my trees. Cheers Indra, you've saved me a lot of running around this week.

Moral of the story. We make our own merit in life. 

I believe we have a merit bank account, bad actions get us in debt, good actions make the soul rich. I bankrupted mine in the past. Getting that sorted now though.  

I will never forget about the trees I phantom plant!

What I do though in really hot weather is I skip my morning rituals and head out around the trees that need watered. It's so important not to forget about potted fruit trees this time of year. Bare root trees planted in winter will be ok most of the time. But potted really need watered every week with about 10 litres of water.

I skip gym day and carry drums of water where its needed. Many people say can you not get a trolley or get your van closer to the trees and I'm like no!

I do the farmers walk in the gym with dumbells and carrying 2 x 25 litre drums of water a kilometre or so and then getting down and doing some push ups also is way better than the gym. I've even carried water up mountains before!

A big reason why I go to the gym is so I'm fit and able to do things like this.

"Father of creation Mother of nature

I'm truly grateful for the body you have given me

may I nourish it, respect it and always look after it

so I can be the best I can be and benefit this world

and everything in it"...

I say this prayer most of the time after I train. Look after you to look after the world!

#phantomplanter #communityspirit

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree!


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