RIP Dixie Moss

 Got another memorial tag stamped up and added to the apple tree we phantom planted last week. 

RIP Dixie Moss from America. 

Amazes me the people that follow what I get up too from all around the world. 

8 apple trees we have now in a line phantom planted in this part of the estate. One of them has not taken too good but we'll give it time and if it doesn't come good it'll be replaced. 

For the first year when planting potted trees this time of year I'm checking on the trees every few days. Keeping them tidy and watering when needed. Its so important to do this. 

But I f**king love!!! Love to be a rascal phantom planter! Cruising the Buddhahood seeing your environmental graffiti thriving! I was born into an underworld life, it's in my blood.

Planting trees without permission just like the squirrels do keeps that rogue part of me happy! 

#phantomplanter #CommunitySpirit 

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree!


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