Thank you guys!

 Thank you guys for all the support over the past week and all your donations and contributions, it means the world to me!

I took a bit of a wobbler last week and things got a bit on top of me worrying about my financial situation. But out of a muddy pond blooms a lotus flower. Its always when your backed into a corner the best comes out in you.

My apologies if it felt like I was putting pressure on my long time supporters asking for donations all the time. It really is not my style at all. It didnt sit well with me either having to ask for it all the time.

Now I've went back to doing what I do best which is wheeling and dealing my quality mattresses which I've been selling for over 20 years.

I need to put my passion back into this for a bit to get me back on my feet and to pay for and fund my phantom planting mission in creating urban orchards all over Belfast and beyond.

I remember this lady came to my showroom once and she was looking a mattress, she noticed I had some apple trees outside my showroom and she started asking do you like trees? Well I went off on one like I always do and we chatted for ages about nature stuff.

She said after that when I was selling her the mattress my energy was flat and low, my enthusiasm just wasnt there but then when she asked about the trees I lit up and went off on one and that I sold her the concept that we all need to plant trees ourselves and off she went to get herself an apple tree to plant in her garden.

For the past 5 years I've been a walking talking advert for mother nature and the way of the Buddha! The middle man for the trees and the Buddha's Delboy!

But now I need to transfer some of that energy and enthusiasm into making money and get stuck back into wheeling and dealing Buddha Beds high end luxury mattresses!

Many people have been commenting in my previous posts saying get a job! Thats just not possible for me. I'm up to my neck in the phantom planters mission now!

I'll find my balance.

I will never forget about the trees. We all fall off the middle path every now and again but we get up and get back on.

#buddhabeds #phantomplanter #communityspirit 

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree!


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