Keep your newly planted trees watered!

 Skipped gym day yesterday and did my phantomfit water workout with these drums of water at the orchard. We checked and watered all the trees that needed it. 

We have a fairy well next our orchard and carrying these 2 drums of water a few hundred metres at a time is tight. Arms were burning. Everytime we stopped for a rest we did pushups in between. My son thinks I'm crazy!!!

People say all the time when they see me, can you not get a trolley? 

I love carrying the drums. It makes me feel more human. We are made for these types of things and when there's a purpose at the end like watering your trees its all the more rewarding. 

I did this fastest, meaning I had nothing to eat for about 16 hours. Then I feasted on the Buddhist blessed raspberries we have at the orchard. 

I feel we all need this type of cleanse, to workout fasted and then eat wild foods frrom nature. 

Love how the apple trees are growing up through the middle of the raspberries. This is how I want the orchard to look all over one day. A forest of berries and fruits - Wild and natural. 

#phantomfit #phantomplanter #phantomplanters #communityspirit 

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Peace and Love.....


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