My first ever recruit!

 I will never forget this little girl. 4 years ago at the start of my phantom planting journey I got these pics sent to me from this little girls granny saying she has been bouncing on her trampoline every day saying do you think the phantom planter will come today? 

I have some trees out the front of her house and her granny said they have both been following me for sometime and the little couldn't wait for the day to see me coming and looking after the trees. 

Then when I got these pics of her doing head stands, watering the trees and meditating it made me a bit emotional to be honest. This was the first child to really get involved in what I was doing from a working class estate in East Belfast.

Unfortunately many of the trees got destroyed over tiime that I phantom planted there but 2 are still standing and I got to meet this little girl and her granny from this who are absolute gems and we will awlays be friends. 

No tree I've ever phantom planted was a waste of time , some might get destroyed but the positive action will always reap positive rewards one way or another. 

I've met the best people in the world through phantom planting, real gems of the community. Your vibration in the world will always attract like for like. Be very mindful of your thoughts, intentions and actions while walking this earth. 

#phantomplanter #communityspirit #phantomplanters 

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree!

Peace and love..


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